black walnut dining table

                                                                                                                                                     Black Walnut Dining Table - Private Collection, San Francisco, CA

Cherrywood Studio's custom service invites our clients to be involved in any part of the design process. Clients can choose wood species, size and how organic in nature they would like their design. Based on these choices, we present slab options. Our designer then analyzes each piece or pieces and, in collaboration with the client, determines what design will achieve the desired function and maximize the beauty of the wood. Our design philosophy is to follow the source wood’s natural lines and contours, with a particular focus on revealing each piece’s unique grain and edge. We believe that allowing the wood's characteristics to guide the design best reveals each piece's beauty.

This image is an example of slabs in their rawest form.

black walnut slabs

After slabs are chosen and an overall design is conceived, production begins. Using both hand tools and the highest quality joining and machining technology, we create a table top that is, without exaggeration, one of a kind. A table base, also of specific design, is manufactured to complement the table top in both form and function. If a steel base is preferred, the build is done in partnership with local foundries and metal fabricators.

This image shows the slabs after initial cuts are made and placement of butterflies are planned.

black walnut raw slabs

The final result is a singular piece of furniture that is a work of both art and nature.

 black walnut dining table