Live Edge Select


Black Walnut Dining Table

Cherrywood Studio is pleased to announce our new product line, Live Edge Select.

We've been creating hardwood tables since 2006. During this time we've developed an understanding of what our customers appreciate most about the design and function of our tables. Now we are using that knowledge to create a line of fixed-size, black walnut table tops at 96" by 42" with a choice of bases that represent the best of our build quality and design sense. You simply choose the combination of table top and base that appeals to you, then we complete the build—a process that removes much of the time and expense involved in a custom build. A Live Edge Select table can be delivered within 4-6 weeks.

Contact us to discuss your combination.

Chevron Base With Black Walnut Table Top:

no border chevron

Cross Base With Black Walnut Table Top:

No boarder cross

Trapezoid Base With Black Walnut Table Top:

Black Walnut Dining Table